Audrey is the consummate sales manager, developing her sales teams to achieve top results through an ethical selling process. Her commitment to excellence meant that me and the team wanted to excel, to give customers solutions to their specific needs rather than sales that met only our own sales targets. This approach resulted in satisfied customers and ultimately, targets that were exceeded as customers bought our solutions and trust.

Recently I have begun working with Audrey again, this time with the purpose of taking me to the next level. Her clear direction has once again helped me to refocus, determine what is important to myself and my family, and to set new goals for the future. Working with Audrey as a mentor once again is illuminating and defining.

Laurence Willis, Business Consultant
Coaching helps you get the most from your team – and so get the most from your sales. Used well it can create a powerful cycle of motivation, success and job satisfaction that continuously drives growth.

Our coaching will guide your team to adapt their way of working to fit the needs of your business.

It can help them:

  • Capitalise on their existing experience and use it to best effect
  • Find their own answers and develop their own ideas
  • Respond positively to change
  • Recognise and improve poor performance
  • Embed best practice after training

In addition coaching can help those with exceptional performance continue to grow

Due to the supportive relationship staff develop with their coach, coaching can also uncover valuable feedback that may be of significant benefit to your business.

Our coaching will help you set challenging yet realistic objectives for your team. And will make sure they have the support and resources they need to achieve these objectives.

We can deliver coaching to groups or individuals. We can deliver it in person or over the telephone. And we can use it to look at general sales issues or to focus on a particular service area.

Whatever we do, the focus will be on positive change for sales success.

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