Because you want profitable and safe sales from happy and satisfied customers.

“It was a pleasure working with Jerry, his insight and significant, broad experience meant that he saw the bigger picture. Jerry gets how sales models must adapt to changing consumer trends, most importantly Jerry develops sales models that are fit for 2020 rather than 1990’s.”
Roy Frost, Managing Director UK, Deceuninck
OOur consultancy services identify the barriers in your business that are affecting your sales and preventing growth.

Before we start work to design and deliver the best package of improvement, it’s crucial we know what you want to achieve. So we take time to fully understand what’s important to you.

Then we can help you identify what will work best for your business – in terms of its sales, staff, practices and administration.

To turn this vision into reality we can work with you to create a programme of change. We can help you create an effective sales process. And we can help you recruit, train and manage a strong sales team that will bring about lasting growth.

“With us on your team, it’s like having the very best sales director money can buy, but without the enduring hassle or expense of directly employing one.”

Services designed around you

Every business is different which is why everything we do is bespoke. However, we do have a common focus for all our clients:

  • Generating both top and bottom line growth
  • Creating cultural change that will encourage and allow success throughout your organisation
  • Developing procedures that support systematic improvement
We pay enormous attention to detail, making sure everything we do in your business demonstrates your values, promotes your projects and is aligned to your change programme.

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