“Jerry transformed the central heating sales team of 300+ sales people into a professional and motivated organisation. It would certainly be a privilege to work with him again.”
Kevin Mahoney, Executive Chairman, Green Biofuels plc - Former MD of Caradon Everest - Former Sales & Marketing Director of British Gas Services
Our field sales support will help you identify problems and discover good practice. Because sometimes the only way to pick up on something is to be there in person.

Simple things like their body language, choice of words or tone of voice may be affecting your team’s performance. They can easily slip into harmful attitudes and behaviours without knowing they’re doing it. But they can just as easily break these habits when we point them out.

Our field sales support can also identify other issues. Maybe there’s a certain part of your process that doesn’t quite fit. Or one that should be highly effective but your team aren’t using it properly.

To help your team give their best performance we can accompany them as they make sales calls. We can sit in on meetings. Or we can spend time in your offices. This gives us an opportunity to directly observe practice and, when appropriate, give instant feedback.

Whatever we do, the focus will be on getting the best performance from your team to give the best results for your sales.

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