I love this from my dear friend and coach. ♥️✌🏽💋🙏🏻

She writes …

When people ask me to motivate them, I smile and shake my head. “Why go for the hard route, when you have a much easier and more exciting option to hand?” Become inspired. The word #inspired is taken from the words ‘in-spirit’. When you channel your passion from the inside, you rarely need to be motivated. External factors cease to have the power over you they once had.

No more fluctuations of lazy, crazy and hazy……. The inspired person is clear on their purpose and knows the challenges are simply part of the gig!
Challenges are where we learn, comfort is where we play.
If you’re struggling to feel motivated and on-purpose about anything in your life, here’s the key:

1. Get very clear about WHY you are doing this? Do not move on until you are crystal clear about why you are choosing to spend precious time, energy and resources doing this thing.
2. Ask yourself “What are the positive implications to every area of my life?”
3. How is this serving my future? Who will I be as a result of this?

When your ‘whys’ are big, bold and beautiful, so too will your inspiration be!
Let’s do this thang!
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