We can help you:

  • Unblock the behaviours, attitudes and beliefs that are holding back your sales
  • Create growth and greater financial return
  • Understand the real needs of your prospects to increase conversions
  • Develop better relationships with your customers to increase retention and referrals
  • Understand your influence and responsibility as a supplier to the public

Our services cover five areas: consultancy, training, coaching, field sales support and introductions. In this services section, you will find all the related pages in the sidebar on the left.

To get the best from your sales function you need to view it in the context of your whole business.

Which is exactly what we do when we look to see where change will bring you growth.

And because everything we do is tailor made to your business, our work is flexible, relevant and will bring quick results.

You may only need one of our services. You may need them all. You may need us to come in and deliver a fast-track solution. Or you may need us to work with you over the long term to change the culture in your business and establish lasting change.

Whichever, we can help. And whatever we do, we’ll work with you in an open and honest partnership that invites challenge and encourages discussion.

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“I am once again working with Audrey and her team at The Sales Resolution to develop my sales force into the world class team I require. I know from experience that in the world of business and personal development Audrey and her team will be an asset to companies of all sizes looking for growth in competitive markets.”
Graham Parkes, Sales and Marketing Director, Navien UK

Direct Sales:
protect your company and your customers with good practice

Recent changes to regulations have given the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) new powers to protect consumers. They respond very quickly to poor practice and will, where appropriate, ensure that consumers are properly compensated.

Because we specialise in direct selling in the customer’s home, we understand the demands and complexities you face. So we can help you operate within the guidelines and maintain best practice, protecting your customers and your business.