Please see a selection of testimonials from our clients

“Audrey was part of the management team that managed to transform the British Gas loss making Central Heating Installation business into a unit delivering circa £80M annual profit.

Audrey constantly over delivered both as an individual and in leading her team through her work ethic and team motivation while displaying the very highest levels of sales professionalism.

Audrey, although managing the sales function always took a much broader view than simply financial top line, but also focused margin and bottom line delivery as, although income was vital, it was critical that sales of central heating installations were such that % margin and customer satisfaction were optimised to avoid erosion of profit. All of this was achieved and at the same time the bigger BG brand was protected as failings in central heating sales would of course impact on the bigger energy (gas/electric) market.

It should also be recognised that the salesforce Audrey inherited included former highly technical people who lacked sales skills and equally an element of people who had very good sales skills but lacked technical competency. Audrey managed very successfully to put programmes in place to fill the respective gaps.

In essence Audrey is truly an inspirational leader who you would always trust to deliver and my first point of contact if needing a sales solution!!!”

David Hodges, former Director of British Gas Central Heating Installations

“I have worked with Jerry since 1997 and always been impressed by his easy ability to motivate his sales teams and get them to buy into a common vision and his declared goals.
This is a major achievement with self-employed direct sales forces such as those in the double glazing and energy markets where we worked together.

Particularly impressive was how he created a total cultural shift in a 450 strong demoralised British Gas Heating sales force which transformed morale and led to a step change in performance.”

Bill Price, entrepreneur and former CEO of MCB, Marketing and Communications Business

“Audrey has superb relationship building skills. In my role as Training and Development Manager for the HomeForm Group, my time was stretched across three key brands Sharps Bedrooms, Moben Kitchen and Dolphin Bathrooms. Audrey quickly identified how to ensure a greater proportion of this time would be spent supporting Sharps and in particular the sales team.

Audrey is able to proactively build strong relationships for short and long term benefit. Understanding and prioritising the value of relationships in the light of business requirements and being fully aware of the needs of others, Audrey consistently optimised the benefit that both myself and other stakeholders brought to her team.

Audrey communicated effectively with people at all levels demonstrating an openness and honesty which linked to her own motivation and focus on success enabled them to work confidently together to develop “win-win” outcomes.

Within her role as Sales Director at Sharps Bedrooms, Audrey projected a justified self-confidence and belief which was transmitted to her Regional Managers who in turn approached their own roles in the same manner leading to a significant uplift in sales. Audrey was innovative throughout and continually looked for new opportunities to grow the business, reduce cost and increase efficiency.

Able to effectively challenge and question established systems norms and culture and to raise important issues in the face of anticipated or actual opposition Audrey brought about significant improvement to the way in which the Regional Managers and their teams worked. This in turn also supported sales growth. Her team were set challenging yet realistic objectives which they embraced in the knowledge that the resources and support was in place to help them deliver as required.

Throughout her time at Sharps, Audrey took every opportunity to deliver high quality outcomes within appropriate timescales. Her “can do” attitude and energy permeated across the business ensuring the sales process and other parts of the business worked in a more cohesive manner for the benefit of all.

Audrey continually challenged, enabled, developed and motivated in a way which brought on board all potential stakeholders to willingly work towards an inspired vision.”

Malcolm Hewitt, HomeForm Group, Training and Development Manager

“I met Jerry many years before we finally worked together when I was tasked with developing Everest Energy in 2010, a new business stream with Everest Home Improvements Group.

Jerry was responsible for recruiting, training, managing and developing Everest’s first ‘Employed’ Sales Team operating in the South East. Jerry also helped develop a marketing strategy and programme to drive lead generation.

Employing sales roles for the first time in the history of Everest challenged the existing ‘self-employed model’ and self-employed management within the core business which is not to be underestimated! Change is tough at the best of times but times were getting tougher at Everest in 2010/11 and not many wanted to change with the times! Jerry demonstrated that he has the skills and experience to command respect at all levels within an organisation to push change through.

The sales element of any organisation is often seen in isolation and we were determined that this would not be the case. Jerry integrated the Sales Team and the process into the business, designing a process as well as reward and remuneration plans to drive top line sales but not to the detriment of EBITDA or cash-flow.

It was a pleasure working with Jerry, his insight and significant, broad experience meant that he saw the bigger picture. Jerry gets how sales models must adapt to changing consumer trends, most importantly Jerry develops sales models that are fit for 2020 rather than 1990’s.”

Roy Frost, Managing Director UK, Deceuninck

“We first began working with Audrey Chapman in early 2014, and hired her to help our franchise partners generate more leads.

Everyone who has completed Audrey’s surveyor sales training only had positive feedback, which is testament to her unique ability to translate her vast knowledge of the gas heating industry into a bespoke and effective training programme.

We’re pleased to have built a long-term relationship with Audrey and look forward to developing more training programmes together in the future.”

Steve Emmerson, former MD Franchising, HomeServe

“To date, Audrey Chapman has successfully delivered three world-class training sessions and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Helping the engineers we work with develop confidence when selling to customers in the home, Audrey’s knowledge of the domestic heating industry and sales experience is second to none.

One of our franchise partners, was converting around 22% of leads to installation. Within three months of completing Audrey’s training programme the team are now achieving a conversion rate of 48%.

A consummate professional, I would highly recommend Audrey’s services to any company or individual looking to significantly improve their sales conversion rate.”

Sarah Thurston, Franchise Marketing Director, HomeServe

“I first met Audrey in 2003 when she was a Regional Sales Manager for British Gas and I was the HR Business Partner for the Sales organisation. During the 3 years that we worked together what struck me about Audrey was her authenticity, her passion for the development to her people, her sense of fun, but most of all her focus and determination to compete to win in a highly competitive market, where a broader understanding of the business operations, values and goals were key.

As an HR Manager, I was impressed by how she led, developed and grew her people to enable them to fly on their own and be continuously the most successful UK direct Sales team year after year. This meant instilling new behaviours, changing ways of working and delivering results through change – she was very successful at “getting the change in the muscle.”

Heather Melville, Global Head of Learning and Operations, Commercial Academy SHELL International (Heather worked with Audrey at British Gas)

“I worked with Audrey in the British Gas Central Heating Installations Business for over 4 years. The business was undergoing a transformation with a focus on delivery of results and Customer Care. Audrey was recruited to bring a new vision into our Sales Force as their performance was failing and with low performance as standard.

We set targets around a growth in Sales Volume and around Margin per Installation. Within weeks we had a supremely focussed Sales Force who were led & managed to deliver amazing results. We smashed our targets across the board and the Business grew into the largest Installer of Domestic Central Heating in Europe.

Working with Audrey I was able to observe her unrelenting focus, her inclusive leadership style and her ability to motivate and bring people with her in any task she takes on. Audrey does not do “missing target”, she understands exactly what is required in any given situation and will analyse all actions needed to deliver. These are then very clearly communicated to all within her team so they fully understand the challenge, the plan and the targets. Her commitment to deliver is infectious, her invention and clear communication ability links with an uncanny ability to listen and decipher complex issues which all lead to a successful business performance.

It was an excellent experience working with Audrey, true to say never a dull moment, but, as a Business we were never as successful as we were when Audrey was working in the Business.”

Alan Johnson, Head of Installation, British Gas Central Heating Installation 1998 – 2002

“The training that Audrey provided to the sales teams of our franchise partners yielded immediate and impressive results in terms of higher lead conversions. We look forward to continuing to work with Audrey.”

Richard Harpin, Founder and Chief Executive, HomeServe plc

“Jerry reported to me as Director of Sales at British Gas when I was Director of Central Heating Installations at BG and he was instrumental in delivering the performance required from the sales function. Jerry can be described as a true sales professional, highly focused on delivery of sales targets including headline revenue, % margin, specification quality and customer experience and ensuring the customer receives the best product solution. As I say Jerry was a vital part of turning a loss making business into a highly profitable business while at the same time ensuring the larger British Gas Brand was protected/enhanced.

When I joined Eaga plc and established the Heating Division that became the UK’s second largest central heating installer after BG from a standing start to approx. 30,000 installations per year, I had no doubt about bringing Jerry into Eaga initially as Head of Sales and then progressing to Managing Director of Iguana (Eaga Heating Division) and once again Jerry was highly successful proving his versatility across different environments.”

David Hodges, former Director of British Gas Central Heating Installations

“My first meeting with Audrey Chapman was in March 2000 whilst working as a Commercial manager at British Gas. At the time I was unsure about how to progress my career and whether to stay within the same company. It was the long term mentoring and advice given by Audrey that gave me the confidence to both leave British Gas and with start my own company. After leaving I have been fortunate enough to be successful in my chosen field from day one.

Since this time I have worked with Audrey on many occasions and have always been amazed at her endless enthusiasm for developing people and businesses.

In my current role, I am once again working with Audrey and her team at The Sales Resolution to develop my sales force into the world class team I require. I know from experience that in the world of business and personal development Audrey and her team will be an asset to companies of all sizes looking for growth in competitive markets.”

Graham Parkes, Sales and Marketing Director, Navien UK

“I had the privilege to work with Audrey for a 12 month period. Her commercial and strategic acumen and skill set is compelling, particularly when coupled with the opportunity to execute.

Audrey is creative, experienced, genuinely personable, and is a true pleasure to work with. Her energy and vibe changes the entire game and spectrum of what can be achieved. I admire and respect Audrey, her work, and her ability to shed light and solutions when faced with challenging situations.

If you want first class results, then you need first class Audrey working your corner with you.”

RR McMaster, BioSweep UK Limited

“I first worked with Jerry when I took over as MD at Caradon Everest and Jerry was a Junior Sales Manager. Upon my arrival we implemented a Management Assessment Programme, and Jerry was one of the very few individuals identified for the Fast Track Senior Manager Development Programme.

Thus, when I later moved to British Gas Services as Sales and Marketing Director, just after the privatisation, Jerry was my first recruit as Head of Central Heating Sales. The Central Heating Sales team needed a complete overhaul. Besides an issue of leadership there was a lack of discipline, poor sales processes, a shortage of training and a completely demoralised outlook.

Jerry changed that. He brought other fresh blood & skills into the management team which gave it a new impetus. Jerry supplemented this rejuvenation of his function by the adoption of new & tighter Sales Processes, targeted training, and cost effective recognition programmes. He brought pride back into people’s lives and jobs.

There was also a hard edge to these changes, in that there was an uptick in overall productivity as well as an increase in the Average Order Value. Career opportunities became available for talent that saw the “cream” float to the top.

Indeed, Jerry transformed the Central Heating Sales Team of 300+ sales people into a professional & motivated organisation.

It would certainly be a privilege to work with him again.”

Kevin Mahoney, Executive Chairman, Green Biofuels plc
Former MD of Caradon Everest
Former Sales & Marketing Director of British Gas Services

“My role at Calor is national operations manager overseeing the service division at Calor Gas. I was introduced to Audrey back in 2010. Audrey introduced herself to my team and clearly presented what benefits she had to offer to both Calor and our customers. Throughout this working relationship Audrey was always visible and helpful whenever it was needed, this goes a long way these days. Audrey is a true professional hard working individual who promotes first class customer service. I highly recommend Audrey as a honest hard working person bringing key services to your customer base.”

Andy Watson, National Operations Manager, Calorforce, Calor Gas Ltd

“I have been fortunate enough to work with both Audrey and Jerry on various programmes and projects and am always impressed with their clear focus and passion for a result that transforms businesses by serving the highest good of both the customer and the bottom line.

They have both achieved the highest level of sales performance for national companies and this experience has instilled a deep understanding of how important it is to view the sales function in the context of the whole business. This kind of approach requires a fusion of a complex set of skills and they are both experienced in commercial competence, financial awareness, strategic development of the sales and business plan through to all the softer elements like people management/development.

In my most recent experience of working with them I saw first hand their skill in implementing a large change program, which involved realigning a business through shifting the culture to optimise the business performance before, during and after.

Knowing them well I can say this unique approach is truly embedded in their DNA and having complimentary skills leads them to achieve results that are outstanding now and for the long term success of the clients business. They would be an asset for any business helping shape the performance and ensuring the alignment of the sales force to the whole business.”

Alison Chrystal, February 2015

“Our target was to increase awareness of our product offering with a view to increasing sales penetration with a key client who was extremely ‘time poor’. I engaged Audrey to assist with the process. Her connections within the sector and her engaging influencing skills meant that we were able to feature on all key stakeholders agenda’s almost immediately. Within weeks an awareness program was implemented that is still in operation today.

Audrey’s ability to understand the business priority and swiftly deliver it operationally was immensely helpful to us at Spirotech.”

Susan Kinnaird, Managing Director, Spirotech

“Doing business with Audrey is a pleasant and refreshing change from the norm. She very quickly understands the bigger picture and it is my experience that she over delivers on everything that she promises. An excellent communicator, straight forward and determined she grasped our priorities with ease. It is with pleasure that I recommend her to others.”

Fraser Ahern, Senior Technical Buyer

“I was lucky enough to work with Audrey when she was the Sales Director of a £60M+ subsidiary of a £250M+ Group. Audrey produced substantial double digit growth (in an flat market as was evidenced by the competition) and was part of the senior leadership team producing record EBITDA performances.

Audrey’s leadership style was inclusive, highly motivational and generous (always passing credit to individuals) thus engendering a fantastic culture which encouraged everyone to work tirelessly in the pursuit of generating incremental, profitable sales. During Audrey’s tenure training (product, sales, leadership etc.) was a top priority and I am convinced that this was a major contributor to the superior performances which she produced.

I found Audrey to be a very engaging, highly competent and extremely effective sales leader and would have no hesitation in recommending her to any organisation which is serious about growing revenue – profitably.”

Tony McNeally MBA

Jerry has vast experience in sales management gained through a long career with numerous high quality organisations.

At Everest he successfully led the creation of a brand new business stream including building the product proposition, the marketing strategy, and the commercial model. He then single-handedly built an efficient, high quality direct sales force through which to execute his plan.

Simon Jarman – Chief Executive, Quintex Systems
Former CEO, Everest Home Improvements

Audrey is the consummate sales manager, developing her sales teams to achieve top results through an ethical selling process. Her commitment to excellence meant that me and the team wanted to excel, to give customers solutions to their specific needs rather than sales that met only our own sales targets. This approach resulted in satisfied customers and ultimately, targets that were exceeded as customers bought our solutions and trust.

Recently I have begun working with Audrey again, this time with the purpose of taking me to the next level. Her clear direction has once again helped me to refocus, determine what is important to myself and my family, and to set new goals for the future. Working with Audrey as a mentor once again is illuminating and defining.

Laurence Willis, Business Consultant

“Generating leads is the easy part; converting them into sales is another.

Audrey has proven to have an in depth knowledge and understanding of what it takes to manage the balance between sales results and brand integrity and sales conversion with customer satisfaction. The Sales Resolution and Audrey have proven to deliver sales programs based in excellence which have turned our technically based Franchisees and Engineers into first class Surveyors and Sales Ambassadors. The results in sales conversion are immediate and significant, and easily pay for themselves quickly.”

Greg Jackson, Entrepreneur, technology and marketing – currently CEO Octopus Energy
Former MD of Franchising start-up, HomeServe UK