“One of our franchise partners was converting around 22% of leads to installation. Within three months of completing Audrey’s training programme the team are now achieving a conversion rate of 48%.

A consummate professional, I would highly recommend Audrey’s services to any company or individual looking to significantly improve their sales conversion rate.”

Sarah Thurston, Franchise Marketing Director, HomeServe

Our training services include:

  • An assessment of the specific training needs of your team
  • Design of training to meet these needs
  • Delivery of the training
  • Follow-up training to embed best practice
  • Refresher courses to maintain best practice

Our training can cover anything from an induction course to an entire development programme. It can address your whole sales process and customer journey or focus on a single issue.

Whatever we do, we’ll make sure the training reflects your company values and priorities. And we’ll target it so it’s relevant to the experiences and personalities in your team.

Which means the training will have the maximum impact on their performance.

And the maximum impact on your sales.

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